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MITSC testimony on LD 308 An Act To Require the Attorney General To Consult with Tribes on MICSA

The testimony of MITSC Chair Jamie Bissonette Lewey provided to the Judiciary Committee on April 4, 2014 in support of LD 308 An Act To Require the Attorney General To Consult with Federally Recognized Indian Tribes before Issuing an Opinion on Federal Legislation Affecting the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act of 1980.

Senator Collins 5/28/13 response to MITSC 5/13/13 letter

US Senator Susan Collins' 5/28/13 response to MITSC Chair Jamie Bissonette Lewey's 5/13/13 letter.

MITSC 5/13/13 letter to US Senator Susan Collins

The response of MITSC Chair Jamie Bissonette Lewey to US Senator Susan Collins' 4/8/13 letter.

MITSC 3/26/13 letter to US Senator Susan Collins

MITSC wrote to Senator Collins March 26, 2013 concerning her actions on the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act during the fall/winter of 2012 and to remind her of MITSC's role.

An Order Recognizing the Special Relationship Between the State of Maine and the Sovereign Native American Tribes Located Within the State of Maine

The Executive Order Governor LePage issued 8/26/11 requiring consultation with the Wabanaki Tribes within the State of Maine "at the earliest possible juncture of the development of any legislation, rules, and policies proposed by the State agency on matters that significantly or uniquely affect those Tribes."

An Analysis of the Status of Wabanaki-State Relations

A Summary of the Activities of the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission (July 1, 2008–June 30, 2009)

Briefing of the Maine Legislature House Chambers 1/25/07

MITSC Chairman Paul Bisulca, Pine Tree Legal Assistance Attorney, and John Dieffenbacher-Krall, MITSC Executive Director, address legislators and staff gathered in the Maine House of Representatives.

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