May 25, 2024

START: Sipayik Split Rock, Boat Landing, Maine 6AM (EST)

FINISH: Forest City, East Branch St.Croix River, Maine

For more information:  Brian Altvater, (207) 214-8920

The annual Skutik River Alewife Run will be taking place on May 25, 2024. The run, an 80-mile relay, invites runners and walkers of all abilities to join all day or for a single section. Starting at Sipayik (Pleasant Point), Split Rock at 6AM, the run finishes at Forest City, East Branch of the Skutik (St. Croix) River, Maine with a break along the way at Motahkomikuk (Indian Township).

Established in 2012 by the Schoodic Riverkeepers and allies on both sides of the river, the run aims to raise awareness about the vital role of the alewife and their traditional migration to spawning grounds.  

We relate to the Alewife as a keystone species, the fish that feeds all, and we figured if we bring back the Alewives that would help the ecosystem and all the things that live off the Alewife,” shares Brian Altvater, one of the founding members of the Schoodic Riverkeepers.

Vera Francis, another founder of the Schoodic Riverkeepers, highlights the intrinsic connection between the fish and the community, “What happens to the alewife happens to us.

For more information please contact Brian Altvater (207) 214-8920