Robert Polchies


Penobscot Indian Nation

Robert Polchies represents the Penobscot Indian Nation. He is a Penobscot Nation citizen, singer/songwriter and U.S. Navy Veteran. He keeps an active role in maintaining and strengthening the spirtitual, traditional and cultural foundation of the Wabanaki people throughout traditional Wabanaki territories. Robert is always willing to take time to talk and share perspectives with people Native and non-Native alike in order to create, develop, build and maintain better relationships between the Native and non-Native populations. Mr. Polchies currently serves as a member of the Penobscot Indian Nation Cultural and Historic Preservation Committee. His education includes curriculum and instruction, educational psychology, military science, criminology and religious studies. Robert is a professional instructor, workshop facilitator and curriculum developer. He has written, edited, modified and instructed courses for the military as well as facilitated several workshops on Equal Opportunity and Cultural Awareness in and out of military institutions. He has conducted presentations in schools, corporations and other various venues on Cultural Awareness with the emphasis on First Nations culture and cultural/spiritual differences.