John Cashwell - State of Maine

John H. Cashwell III is a resident of Bangor. John began his Forestry career in Washington County in 1979 as a Helicopter Pilot for Georgia Pacific. He came to Maine with a Forestry Degree in Forestry from the University of Montana and several years of helicopter pilot experience fighting fires all over the West and Alaska. Prior to that John was a decorated Gunship Pilot with two tours in Vietnam. 

Since flying in Washington County, John was the Director of the Maine Forest Service and concurrently a member of the Baxter State Park Authority.  In 1992 he became President of Seven Islands Land Company, managing 1 million acres of forestland for the Pingree Family. 

After retiring from Seven Islands, John became responsible for the overall management of BBC Lands LLC, a million acre holding, and is President of his own consulting firm.

Along the way, John was the Mayor of both Calais and Bangor while serving as a councilor in both cities.

Additionally, John has been a Director of MMG Insurance of Presque Isle since 1996.